Our Logo

Yorgum's Logo - history and legacy

The Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation identity is adapted from an original painting by Shane Pickett, a celebrated Noongar Artist (1957-2010), who was commissioned by Yorgum to develop its corporate theme based on healing and wellness.  The logo represents the healing properties of the gum tree and the importance of family.

The logo has historic significance and an established recognition in the Aboriginal Community and amongst Yorgum’s partners and affiliates.

The logo comprises primarily of the artwork and the wording ‘Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation’ as below left:

Yorgum Healing Tree

The Red Gum tree is maintained but in a representative form as it is the essence of Yorgum; it offers reassurance, strength, family and healing.

The colours chosen represent many elements: the colours of the Aboriginal flag, the colours of the flowers of the Red Gum tree, the stunning sunsets of Western Australia.